Wednesday, 30 July 2008

More results and more questions

So I managed to get an answer from the local hospital today. Not fab, but not horrific either.

It was only the secretary, so she could only read out a letter to me, but she told me:

My prolactin is normal (then why do I still have discharge?)
My estradiol is on the low end of normal, so I defo need the hrt. (At my last test the estradiol was fine, so whats happened here?)
My FSH is still menopausal, although she couldnt tell me what the actual number is, but apparently my GP should know.

Good bit is that my chromosome tests were normal.

One more week to wait for the AMH test results.

In non IF news, I saw a house I have liked for about 6 months has had the price reduced by about £15,000, making it suddenly VERY attractive. Even though our house hasnt had any interest, I broke my own rule and went to see this one after work.

It needs a whole load of work done, but its fabulous. Oh dear. We asked if we could rent it until we sold as its sitting empty, but the agent doesnt think they will go for that. However, he said he knew someone who was looking for a house our price in our area, and will see if they want to buy ours. Only flaw with this perfect scenario is that they need to move in 3 weeks. But I would do it for this house. Oh my word.

I have crossed my fingers so much over the past few months that they are starting to get permanently stick that way.

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Long, and rather late, update

Shocking behaviour, really. Apologies. Its been, what, a month since my last post.

I just havent felt like it, everything has been a bit crazy, but now feels like the time.

So from where I last left off.....About a week later I got a letter from my GP to go in for a chat. I did this, and got the frankly amazing news that my uterus is in fact NORMAL in size. The lining is not, but thats no real shock, I havent had a period for way too long, but dimensionally, normal. The stupid nurse cause me all that grief for nothing. I was angry beyond words, and complained to the doctor.

Fast forward about 2 weeks, to last Friday. Finally got to see the consultant. Did not enjoy this. She ruled out PCOS or endo, or anything in fact bar POF. Prescribed HRT, referred me to a dietician (not sure what they can tell me that I dont already know, but hey.) Had a great palaver to take blood to test for chromosomes, and retest the hormone levels.

In the end, I was less than impressed, and have another 3 months for the next appointment. Cried all night, and hit the low point where I wondered what the point was, and if the light fitting would take my weight. Decided it wouldnt.

Wednesday last week, back to GP, for a smear test, oh lucky me. I actually really like my doctor, in fact, I would say I love her. She agreed with my decision (which I will come to later) and said she would support me if I went for IVF and got pregnant (which the consultant said she wouldnt approve of due to my weight).

Anyway, I made 2 decisions this week. As the consultant wouldnt do the AMH test, which is the bottom line in POF diagnosis, I decided to go private and have this done. I went on Friday - correct, 4 day wait for the appointment. They took blood, and I get the results back on 6/08. Then they did an internal ultrasound. Took one nurse and one (male) doctor, but it was done, and they found an ovary - huzzah! Nowt wrong with it. Bah humbug. So PCOS ruled out etc etc. They also reiterated that the size of my uterus is normal and that there should be no real problems for me in carrying a child.

However, it is noy over till the fat bird sings, so the AMH will tell me what my overall chances are.

Second decision was that if the AMH test is crap, I will have IVF with a donor. I have decided that I would be happier with an anonymous donor, private treatment, and a short waiting list when I decide for definite. On this basis I have been speaking (by email) with a couple of clinics abroad, and have decided on a clinic in the Czech Republic. The waiting list is about 9 months (how ironic), but I am waiting until I get the AMH results before putting my name down.

In the meantime, I have started taking HRT and am trying to lose weight now. I still have the notion that my being fat has caused all of this (probably because that is what my first GP told me) and that if I lose weight, this will reverse. I guess the AMH test will confirm or deny that one for me too.

On an unrelated note, we have now put our house on the market, H has got a new job, started 3 weeks ago, and I turned 27. This has all pretty much gone unnoticed on account of all the baby making (or not) stuff.

I promise to try and update again in less than a months time.